COACH ROSEANNE'S Heart Healthy E-books

30 different recipes of soups
30 different recipes of salads
30 different recipes of protein shakes


These are simple quick tasty nutritious balanced meals that are great if you are short on time.

From soups to warm you on a cold day, or a salad to fill your body if the weather is hot or you want a light evening mean, or a protein shake if you are short on time and want either a meal on the go or a quick meal in a bottle if you have not time to prepare a fill meal.

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With our busy lifestyles, we may not have enough time to cook but that does not mean we still cant get nutritious, healthy soups that will support our fatloss goals!

The recipes below are meant to do just that; Simple, Nutritious, Healthy and Filling and will help you in your fat loss journey..Purchase to Continue Reading

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Salads have gotten a bad wrap over the years and for good reason. We are about to change that narrative because when done right, salads should not be bland, boring and untasty! Now, if you know me, you know I love Salads! I Love them so much I virtually have them every single day! In fact if you came to visit my house, you will most likely find a bowl of salad in my fridge. My hope is that...Purchase to Continue Reading

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 I have been a huge fan of adding smoothies to my daily regimen. Smoothies have been instrumental in helping me maintain a healthy weight, adding lots of vital nutrients, helped change my palette, and add a ton of energy to the body.

What I DO NOT recommend is smoothies ONLY as a diet loss plan and I will tell you why...Purchase to Continue Reading

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Meet Coach Roseanne...

Roseanne formed Treasure Fitness after struggling with her weight and cholesterol following the birth of her daughter. An alarming visit to her doctor, which revealed she had high levels of cholesterol and was at risk of developing other related health issues inspired her to change her lifestyle completely; not only did she change her life, she found her passion and became a certified Nutrition and Fitness coach by Precision Nutrition, one of the largest nutrition companies in the US.

It’s through my personal struggle of being diagnosed with high cholesterol and being overweight and overcoming these two vices, that prompted me to go back to school, get certified so I can help other people avoid the same pitfalls I had experienced. I love it when we go through a client’s assessment and we are able to identify the gaps that are making their body revolt against them. When a client gets “it” the battle has already been won!” Roseanne

Treasure Fitness helps its clients go through a total transformation using a holistic approach that integrates all three components critical to successful health transformation: fitness, nutrition, a change in lifestyle and mindset.

Treasure Fitness is known for helping clients achieving RESULTS that totally transform their lives. To achieve these RESULTS, Treasure Fitness only works with clients who are prepared to commit to the PROCESS of transformation.

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