How I Transformed my Body & Regained my Health


I struggled with my weight in my late 20s. It didn’t happen overnight. I slowly gained weight while juggling my job and taking care of our daughter. Selecting work clothes began to take more time. I would go through several clothes and settle for the ones that hid my belly. Walking up the stairs became a chore. I will never forget the day I noticed that I was completely out of breath – with a few more steps to go!

Those were the first signs. Then it got more serious. I was consistently moody and lethargic. I would wake up tired and struggle to get out of bed. I gradually lost my confidence.

A regular doctor's appointment turned out to be a pivotal moment in my life. Typically, doctors don’t call after a regular checkup if everything is fine. I got a callback. 

My doctor told me my cholesterol was high. I could not believe it. I always thought of high cholesterol as an “old man’s disease”. I was in my late 20’s! Why in the world did I have high cholesterol? Was I going to die? 

I thought of my husband and our daughter. I thought of all the warning signs I had noticed but ignored. I decided to change.  

I joined a boot camp training and started working out regularly. I started losing fat, but it was not until I hired a nutrition coach and started eating balanced and nutritious foods that I began to see drastic results. I started feeling more energetic. I gained muscle and reached my ideal weight within months. My doctor was happy to see how quickly my cholesterol dropped back to normal. 

I became obsessed with learning more about nutrition. I enrolled in a nutrition training program and became a certified nutrition coach. 

What started as a health crisis turned out to be the doorway to my calling – to help busy women lose fat without dieting so that they can create a healthy lifestyle.

I have taken what I've learned and created a step-by-step comprehensive fat loss program to help busy women, breastfeeding moms and overwhelmed women lose fat without dieting. 

I have coached thousands of women from all over the world on how to lose fat sustainably and keep it off forever... will you let me help you next?