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Treasure Fitness is known for helping clients achieving RESULTS that totally transform their lives.

To achieve these RESULTS, Treasure Fitness only works with clients who are prepared to commit to the PROCESS of transformation. We offer a wide range of health, fitness and wellness services, giving you a choice that meets your needs and reflects your preferences.

1:1 Consultation

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1:1 Consultation

In your 1:1 consultation, Coach Roseanne will assess your present health and nutrition condition by discussing your daily habits, diet history, eating habits and patterns, physical activities, medical history and more. With this information, she'll provide you with a tailored action plan, helpful tips, nutrition info, healthy recipes based on your health goals to set you up for an amazing body and lifestyle transformation.  

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Online Coaching

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Our goal at Treasure Fitness is to help you transform your eating habits and achieve the right balance in your diet. What we put into our bodies determines greatly how we feel, how our body responds from a hormonal stand point, and ultimately how we look. We also know that every human body is designed differently and is unique. Our approach will therefore be unique to each individual. We will help you choose the right nutrition for your unique body type, foods that will nourish, enrich and ultimately totally transform your body. Treasure your body!

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Speaking Engagements

Collaborative health & wellness sessions with Coach Roseanne

There are many statistics of employee absenteeism and low productivity. At Treasure Fitness. We believe in the wellness of your employees through systematic coaching. Treasure Fitness is renowned for bringing fresh, engaging and transformative information that helps the company's bottom line and brings teams together. To experience Treasure Fitness at your next event, please fill the form below and we will get back to you.

We offer a range of services including:

- Executive Coaching

- One Day Seminars

- Speaking engagements

- Workshops

- Transformations Challenges

- Team Building

- 1:1 Coaching for personal Wellness

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