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Why Should you move your body?

Jul 21, 2021


Hey Sugar, when did you last engage your body in exercises? 

I am a big advocate for moving your body (exercises). In my years of coaching and helping, women get in shape, drop fat, and getting their mindset right, moving one's body has been a habit I always recommend.
To be honest, not everyone is enthusiastic and excited about exercises, training, going to the gym and all those other terms you get to hear. It's too much work, your muscles will hurt after, and then there is the exhaustion OH BOY!
It was so tough for me at first, I didn't like it! But the moment I learned that the principle was just to simply put my body in a state of action and there are ways to start for a beginner, I gave it a try and I have never looked back.
Here are some activities I engaged in to move my body (exercise)
• Walking
• Jogging/Running
• Swimming
• Aerobics, Zumba
• Working out

Exercising is one of the foundations for all other good habits I have ever developed
If I exert my energy, I sleep better
which leads to fewer hunger cravings
which leads to more focus
which leads to higher output

The benefits of moving your body are endless, but the top 10 for me are:
1. Reducing stress
2. Strengthens immunity
3. Promotes brain health
4. Keeps the body younger
5. Slows down aging
6. Helps strengthen joints
7. Helps retain lean muscle tissue
8. Improves your mood
9. Improves mental health
10. Improves quality of sleep

Wanna move today? Here are three songs to listen to while you're at it;
"Don't stop the music" by Rihanna " "Survivor" by Destiny's child, and "Hall of fame" by The Script.

Have a good one,

Coach Roseanne. 



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