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Are Carbs bad for you?

Sep 15, 2022

It's 2022 the year of our lord.
Are we still saying carbs are the problem?

When people gain weight, they tend to vilify carbohydrates. 

What I want you to know is that all carbs are not bad 

We have three types of carbohydrates

Complex Carbs

Simple Carbs

Fibrous Carbs

Complex carbs are naturally found in plant foods and these are good because they promote a healthy digestive system and metabolism. These are the good carbs that have fiber and nutrients in them.

Simple carbs are the bad type. They have their necessary nutrients removed, they will spik up the blood sugar and they digest quickly causing you to become hungrier quicker. 

Fibrous carbs come from plant foods. They are not completely broken down fully during digestion. Instead, they pass through your intestines and help digest other nutrients. 

When all carbs became the problem I noticed many people struggle with their weight instead of losing it.

When carbs were vilified I noticed people begin to have a bad relationship with carbs.

When carbs were demonized I noticed most people cannot sustain a lifestyle without carbs.

Some of my favorite carbs are 

Rolled Oats, Brown Rice, Sweet potatoes, Beans, and legumes

Listen, girl, carbs are NOT the problem


Let me repeat ...

Umm carbs are not the enemy girl.

NB: If you are diagnosed with diabetes, you need to monitor the number of carbs you ingest so speak to a doctor to get proper guidance. 

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