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Is walking a good exercise?

Sep 03, 2022

Walking is the most underrated yet most important form of Movement.

If you don't like to work out, can you walk?

The answer is a conclusive YES! Please add walking as part of your lifestyle. 

I preach sustainability and nothing is more sustainable than walking. 

You were born to move. Your body was meant to keep moving but our current western lifestyle has hijacked this activity.

We are driving our cars to work, 

we are using the elevator to go up instead of climbing stairs.

We are situated in our offices and sited for a large part of the day

We drive back home

Because we are tired, we want to rest and so for most, we end up sitting on our couches and watching TV to decompress from a long stressful day. 

So we are not moving as much as we should. As such, it is important and critical for you to incorporate walking as part of your lifestyle. 

Why is walking important?

1. It improves your cardiovascular health

2. Strengthens your muscles and bones

3. Improves your energy levels

4. You improve your mood just being outside

5. The extra vitamin D from the sun is a bonus

6. Improves sleep 🛌

7. Strengthens your immunity

8. Improves your balance and coordination

9. Helps regulate your stress and tension

10. Keeps your ideal body composition

11. Helps prevents or manage lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes, and some cancers

Walking is vital for our human body

Here are a few ways to help you incorporate your walk.

  • Instead of using the elevator, use the stairs
  • If you could walk during your break at work, carry some sneakers, leave them in the office and make it a habit to walk during your lunch break or any break you have. In fact, if you get stressed at work, can you make a decision to walk away even for 10 minutes?
  • Park a bit further from your point of entry. If you are going to an office park or supermarket home could you part at the furthest spot then walk?
  • Take mini walks throughout the day. Eg 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes at lunchtime, and 10 minutes in the evening. That is 30 minutes!
  • Could you walk to the person in the office instead of calling them? 
  • If talking on the phone, can you stand up and walk back and forth in your office, or at home? 
  • If say you have gone to watch your kids play soccer or swim, can you dress in workout clothes and purpose to walk?
  • Set your alarm to remind you to move. 

There you have it. Begin those daily walks and notice how much better you will feel.

So treasure your body by taking care of it because you only have one body.

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